sift 2 of Guinan from “In Theory”

Hi, Data. You have no emotions. You can’t tell someone how to handle their first love affair. Want to try something new?

Then this should be a very unique experience. This is a concoction I heard about on Prakal Two.

So what are you gonna do about it? What I mean is, what’s going on in there?

How did it make you feel? Really? And then? I mean, this time I don’t have any advice to give.

No, no. They have to find a way to do that themselves.

sift 1 of Guinan from “In Theory”

I think it’s great, but I want another opinion, so…. What do you think of her? Do you like her?

Well, don’t look at me. If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were…preoccupied.

It sounds like the next step is up to you. What did it make you think about? But what do you think of her personally?

I know, I know. You’re just a starry-eyed romantic, aren’t you? Too sweet, huh?

sift of Guinan from “Night Terrors”

Ten-Forward is a designated shelter area. So I hope nobody’s got the idea they’re going through this door.

Security to Ten-Forward…right away. Because they’ll have to go through me first.

I’m not feeling so good myself…. What’s that supposed to mean?

In fact, I’m real irritable…. It’s a little souvenir I picked up on Magnus Three…. Hold it. That’s setting number one.

You can all relax…. You couldn’t be more wrong….

Now…anybody want to see number two? Coming up.

sift of Guinan from “Galaxy’s Child”

So…you met a computer-simulated female. See her for who she really is…not what you want her to be.

Take a hard look through your VISOR La Forge…. You’re gonna wear that uniform out if you keep swatting at it…. I figured you were wearing the one that lets you see what you want to see.

You saw exactly what you wanted to see in the holodeck…. Computer problem, huh…. She’s done the most heartless, despicable thing one person can do to another—she didn’t live up to your expectations.

Maybe it was your old VISOR…. Sure, the computer made it look like her, added personality…. Not what you hoped for, huh?

Here you had this perfectly wonderful fantasy…. Uh-huh…. We all fall in love with our fantasies, from time to time, La Forge….

The VISOR you wore on the holodeck with her. Really? And now the real Leah comes along and ruins it. Yes….

sift 2 of Guinan from “Clues”

I had a hard time with the outfit…. This is what you do for fun?

Mister Hill is expecting me. And that’s fun….

I have a two o’clock appointment. Dixon Hill around?

It took me a while to figure out what this thing was supposed to do…. Incommunicado. Sorry.

No, you don’t understand…. Your money? No, I’ve had enough “fun” for one day.

sift 1 of Guinan from “Clues”

I’m supposed to be Gloria from Cleveland and I was supposed to be in Holodeck Four at two o’clock and you don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m talking about, do you?

Gloria…. Gloria. Tell him Gloria is here.

I’m here from…Cleveland. Just tell him Gloria’s here.

You stole his money? From Cleveland.

Johnny, why don’t you tell me all about it, maybe I can help, I’m a good listener.

Listen, Hon. Never heard of me?

It’s all been set up in advance…. From Cleveland.

sift 2 of Guinan from “The Loss”

I didn’t mean to startle you. You were just being human…. It’s been nice…. Are you?

Who said anything about “easy”? Why do you say that?

It’s even harder than you think…. It’s always my shoulder for some reason….

Well, they’re starting to line up….Human intuition and instinct—they’re not always right.

Interesting. Your empathic abilities come back?

Better hours. You want to talk about it?

You know, I always thought so myself. I can do that. Have I given you any reason to believe I’m not serious? I can do that.

Care for a little tea? Makes life very interesting….

sift 1 of Guinan from “The Loss”

Good. You’re leaving. I get tired of listening to everybody’s problems anyway.

And it’s not like I make a percentage on the drinks I sell…. Maybe I ought to talk to Picard, what do you think?

They come in here looking for a shoulder to cry on…. Too bad.

You don’t happen to know if that ship’s counselor position is still open…? With no counselor on board, there’s gonna be a line at the bar….

I’d just as soon have the nice office, you know? Then how can you know?

sift 2 of Guinan from “Family”

He never had prune juice until he came in here…. I think that’s pretty special…. You ought to write a book.

Sooner or later, everyone comes in here, stands by the windows…the part that drinks prune juice…stares out into space for a long time.

When he looks out for home, he doesn’t look toward the Klingon Empire.

I’ve been waiting to ask you something. But there’s another part of him I’ve seen….

sift 1 of Guinan from “Family”

How come you never gave him prune juice? A lot of parents could learn a few things from the two of you…. They all look for that one star, the one they call home….

You’re Worf’s parents? You don’t think so?

Look at him now…. Doesn’t matter how far away it is…everyone still looks. Now he can’t get enough of it….

Maybe a part of him believes that…and comes here to the window. Worf…. He’s looking toward you.